Dermaquest Skin Resurfacing & Peeling 



A papain and bromelain-based enzyme mask for deep cleansing the skin and enhancing product penetration. The mask is mixed fresh at the chair to ensure full enzyme activity of the deep cleansing treatment. The activator is formulated with peptides to support age management and healing.



  • Provides gentle exfoliation
  • Firms and tightens the skin
  • Offers an instant, visible lift to the skin
  • Refines the skin creating a smoother, softer appearance
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and rough textures
  • Enhances product penetration



Prices available at consultation



Dermaquest Results Facials Peels & Resurfacing


If you are looking for more from your facial treatments please book a free consultation and we will be happy to explain this treatment regime and how it can work for you.


Power Peptide Resurfacing (Glycolic & Lactic Acid & 25% firming Peptides)


For effective rejuvenation and age management as well as the treatment of scarring, pigmentation and acne. Skin must be balanced two weeks prior to treatment using the

Dermaquest Skin Balance Kit.


Power Pumpkin Resurfacing (Glycolic & Lactic Acid & 40% Enzymes)


For age management and the treatment of acne scarring, sun damage and pigmentation. Skin must be balanced two weeks prior to treatment using the Dermaquest Skin Balance Kit.


Skin Peels TCA 7.5% Modified Jessner


A peel which addresses skin aging issues/scarring pigmentation and sun-damage.


Skin Brite Peel For Pigmentation


An advanced chemical peel comprising a unique blend of phytic, lactic and mandelic acids, it works to suppress melanin, exfoliate, and lighten skin discoloration.


Glycolis Resurfacer With Stem Cells


A professional resurfacing treatment to support age-management concerns and also assists with the treatment of Grade-0 non-inflammatory acne.

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