Eyes are the Windows of The Soul!


LVL Lashes


You can now have longer,thicker lashes without the need for lash extensions


This amazing technique lifts your own natural lashes to create beautiful fanned wide eyed thicker lashes with out the need for extensions


The results are breathtaking


Treatment takes 45 minutes to apply and last between 8 -10 weeks

Silicon shield lifts from the root

No lash Extensions 

Results can last up to 8-12 weeks

No Adhesive

No Mascara needed


Cost £55 A patch test is required 



Lets go Lashes


Want thick, luscious lashes in 20 mins?  Now you can have them! Let's Go lash extensions have been designed for busy girls who want ultra-alluring eyes in double-quick time. 

A favourite with many professional make up artists, there is an extensive range of styles to choose from as well as the option of individual or strip lashes. Application takes just 20-30 mins and can last for up to two weeks. 

Lashes from: £30 - £35

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