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Chantal Johnson, distinguished Esthetician & Semi Permanent Make Up Artist offers her innovative clinics at her salon in Cranleigh, through various clinics within the UK & internationally, currently launching within Beverley Hills, California.  Chantal is also launching the brand new, revolutionary Purebeau Fibroblast, currently sweeping the UK by storm. 


Meet Chantal

Chantal has gained the reputation of one of the UK’s industry leading artists, prominent in the UK, thus allowing her to now take her expertise to the West Coast of America. With over 20 years experience within the Beauty Industry throughout London and Europe, she is renowned for her forward thinking, always breaking new ground and pushing boundaries to become a front runner in her profession.


Chantal is an elite, skilled brow expert and semi permanent make up artist. Her philosophy is that no brow fits all but should be tailor made to frame and define your face for each individual person to perfection. Brows can create definition or soften your face. A brow is not just a brow and Chantal is not just a brow artist, but a master designer using precise art. 


Chantal has improved many peoples lives with her artistry, those who suffer from alopecia, any hair loss through illness, scarring or re-work of any previous regrettable work. These visionary treatments help woman to feel confident again, along with Chantal’s personal touch, makes her a professional you can trust.


Her distinguished reputation in defining beauty, allowing her clients to be her masterpieces, emphasizing and enhancing natural looks, whether it is brows, eyes, lips or skin. Through her semi permanent make up artistry, she is always aiming to revolutionize and be one step ahead.


This is apparent in her UK & USA launch of Purebeau Fibroblast. A pioneering treatment in non surgical permanent eyelift procedure and skin tightening method using Plasma Skin Rejuvination.  This alongside being a highly qualified, master educator, holding all teaching and assessor qualifications within her field, continuously influencing many others’ careers.  She has trained well in excess of over 100 students in the art of Microblading, countless others in other beauty fields and is continuously recommended as an elite educator. Her success is built on the devoted understanding of her craft, thriving for outstanding results time after time.

With amazing technical knowledge, experience and mastered application in all areas, mixed with her passion, dedication & eye for detail, you are in safe hands. Recognizing any fears you may have about any of her procedures, she will patiently put you at ease and take you through all the steps from initial consult to dedicated aftercare,  always available where ever in the world to consult and reassure her clients.



If you are interested in Chantal holding a demonstration or clinic in your area, please contact her directly.



Bespoke Eyebrows

Using the latest, revolutionary, freehand, feather-styling technique to create natural looking brows using microblading.



Fibroblast NEW LAUNCH

An amazing new revolutionary treatment sweeping the UK & Europe. Not yet available in the USA - Chantal is the first to launch and bring to California.


Semi Permanent Make-Up

Chantal’s signature style - natural enhancements that will keep everyone guessing.




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